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Arriving in Australia with her family in 1978 from a farming village in Scotland, they initially stayed with an Uncle in the foothills. They eventually moved to Carmel and have lived there ever since.

Aileen is married and has raised her two children in various homes within the Kalamunda Shire, both attending local schools.

As her husband Paul was a third generation, Hills Orchardist, it was only a matter of time before Aileen joined him in the family business. As well as assisting him in several other business enterprises, Aileen has enjoyed a parallel career in sales within the Wellness Industry, achieving a national award.

Having spent many years in customer service and having been trained with leaders in excellent sales practices, Aileen values the need for efficient but friendly service when it comes to transactions.

Aileen has many passions, particularly focussing around the home. She loves architecture, interior design, landscaping and anything to do with property, all of which is beneficial to her real estate career.

Having personally bought, renovated, built and sold many properties, including residential homes, commercial properties and farms, plus her background in sales, makes her move in to real estate a natural progression.

An eternally positive person with a ‘Can Do’ attitude who absolutely believes anything is possible, Aileen is a real asset to our sales team.