Chris Calpakdjian Director/Licensee 0418905462 92932333

Chris Calpakdjian is the principal and the licensee of Choice Property Group in Kalamunda. Chris is a REIWA Accredited Residential Sales Specialist, a REIWA Accredited Manager Specialist and a Multi Million Dollar Awardee both from REIWA and the Roy Weston Group. Chris was awarded the prestigious Roy Weston medal for dedication and contribution to the group in May 2010.

Chris has lived in Kalamunda since 1986 and has been handling Real Estate transactions and marketing properties since 1992. Chris has a unique insight into the incredible growth the area has experienced during this time, together with a great passion for the beauty and benefits the area has to offer.

Performance and success are paramount to Chris, driving him to develop a formidable reputation and track record as a Real Estate Agent. Chris has a very clear view: “In Real Estate, success depends on a combination of factors. Firstly, knowing what your clients require – that means really listening so you can identify their needs. Then there’s the advice you provide: every situation is different so you need to give a well considered recommendation. Obviously courtesy and attention to detail are essential.” Chris also believes creative marketing plays an important role.

Real Estate is a competitive industry: to succeed you have to be highly motivated, enthusiastic and committed to delivering value. Selling property is a major transaction, one the should be placed in the hands of a skilled and accomplished negotiator.

To the marketing of your home Chris brings the unique combination of enthusiasm, education, local knowledge and the key factor of experience.